We are currently experiencing the worst recession in living memory where very few, if any of us are immune from suffering financial hardship. Even if we are not suffering ourselves we will know people either in our family or circle of friends who are suffering hardship.

Life Line Food Bank provides emergency food parcels to those suffering financial hardship due to either an income or benefits shock. When these people are referred by one of our partners to Life Line Food Bank they are often penniless, not eaten for some time, often counted in days, they have exhausted themselves and all their normal sources of assistance and they have no idea where to turn next. 

We are partnering with agencies such as Social Services, Housing Associations Police, Birmingham City Council and other charities that will refer people to Life Line Food Bank.  If you feel that you would benefit by the donation of a food parcel please ask one of the profesional agencies to make referal from a recognisable agency email on your behalf. Referals can be emailed to operations@hollymoorcc.org.uk