Coronavirus and Church Attendance

Hollymoor Community Church has considered how it should responsibly respond to the Coronavirus Pandemic. We pray that this page will reflect how we hope to provide a balanced and sensible approach by the Church. The Government has declared that it is more likely than not that the UK will be significantly affected by the coronavirus. Therefore we have asked ourselves, how can the church prepare, how can it help people stay healthy, and how can we be a witness for Jesus at this time?

General Government Guidance   

At the moment government guidance is prioritising good hygiene practice to limit the spread of the disease. This includes carrying disposable tissues to catch coughs and sneezes and regularly and thoroughly washing your hands (for at least 20 seconds) with soap and water or using sanitiser gel if soap and water is not available.

The following pages provide helpful general information about coronavirus including travel and health advice:


Advice for Church Gatherings   

In considering our response we looked at the advice given by a number of other Christian denominations and ministries such as The Church of England and the Evangelical Alliance.

After careful consideration for the foreseeable future the church will not be holding public services and events. While we are disappointed to have to make this decision the safety and health of our congregation and local community is of paramount importance.

LIVE Streaming

However we will  live stream a service at 11.15 am each Sunday morning on the Church Facebook page.

Our Facebook page can be found by following this link.
The service can also be watched in a "Catch Up" format later in the week via our  View Service page
In addition we will broadcast an additional program called Prayer Time Live. These broadcasts will be available live on our Facebook page and and in a "Catch Up" format on our website.

Encouraging a Christian Witness in a Time of Fear!  

Our lives may change considerably over the coming months and we should be prepared for how we engage, not just practically to continue working or traveling, but also how we continue to make Jesus known in a society where fear is likely to dominate. Last but least we must remember that in all of the uncertainty we always have prayer available as a comfort and powerful addition to our practical actions.