The Fellowship of Churches of Christ

Hollymoor Community Church is part of The Fellowship of Churches of Christ · a movement of the people of God: shaping missional churches, crossing new frontiers, impacting cultures

Churches of Christ began in these islands over 200 years ago as a Christian movement to facilitate a sense of unity amongst the entire church and active involvement in God’s mission, often by church planting. Our most recent expression as a network of member churches will this year celebrate 35 years of service to communities throughout the UK. We now face some significant opportunities for continuing our contribution to the Kingdom of God.

As Churches of Christ in these islands, we are proud of our heritage and our strong evangelical commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our network of over 50 churches is small enough to adapt to the changes taking place within our world, while remaining strategic in focus. We embrace a variety of cultural churches, and offer significant benefits to new churches seeking affiliation.

Churches of Christ is a movement/network of churches, specifically structured to empower local churches. Each church is led by local leaders and as such, has the freedom to explore their own vision within their community context. This model creates diversity and flexibility; while still calling our member churches to promote scriptural basics for church life including biblical baptism, the celebration of communion (or the Lord’s supper) and the mutual ministry of all God’s people.

There are also other Churches of Christ in the United Kingdom which express their life and worship in different ways. most often without instruments.  They are often known as non-instrumental churches.  Whilst we share a history, heritage, and friendship with them, they are not part of the FCC network.

The Fellowship of Churches of Christ Values and Practices

Local Leadership: Every expression of church has local believers who offer leadership according to their calling and gifts. Many are these are called elders, deacons, and ministers. They are part of the leadership gifts of God to a local community of believers.

Every Member Ministry: While trained ministers can often be found in leadership, the focus of this leadership ministry is on empowering the local church to be an effective expression of the body of Christ. All gifts and expressions are encouraged in the life of the Christian community.

Local Autonomy in National Partnership: Every local church is self-governed but enjoys cooperative friendships and networking to assist in fulfilling their ministry. This is additionally being expressed and explored in a rediscovery of the five-fold ministry found in Ephesians chapter 4.

Christian Unity in Diversity: A passion for Christian unity that leads to mission has been one of the clarion calls of Churches of Christ since the early beginnings in the early 19th century. This is not uniformity, but open creativity to practice and express life locally while embracing shared core values.

Weekly Celebration of Communion: A sacramental view of life encourages the interface of heaven and earth, which is regularly expressed in worship by participating in sharing bread and wine.

Believer’s Baptism: Encountering God personally by faith also includes water baptism as a beginning experience of the Christian journey.

The Whole Church as the People of God: We have always sought to encourage and participate in the ‘catholicity’ of the church, recognising that we are only one small part of a wonderful expression of God’s people. While there will always be differences in belief and practices, we would uphold the value of the church as a missional community and seek to work with each expression to fulfill the great commission of Jesus.

Mission in Friendship:  As God calls us into partnership with Himself, so we seek to express this value in our working together.

If you’d like to find out more about Churches of Christ and the journey we are on, visit our Website